Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm a Star Crossed lover!

Ever since my vacation last year to Destin, I've had a beautiful ball of Berroco Ultra Alpaca sitting in my stash. Alpaca is my favorite fiber, and I wanted to make something out of this gorgeous yarn. After almost a year of browsing projects made out of this yarn, I finally found something I thought would be perfect...The Star Crossed Slouchy beret by Natalie Larson.

I swatched this morning, and was lucky to get almost 100% the gauge required. Of course, I usually end up being a little off when I actually cast on for the project (whether I was right on for the swatch or not, it's never the same when casted on). After getting close enough for me, I casted on during lunch. Now it's almost time to go home, and I'm half way thru the first stitch pattern repeat.

This is proving to be a pretty fast knit, and with the weather today I may need to have it finished so I can wear it. If my project turns out half as beautiful as some of the FOs on Ravelry, then I'm going to be wishing it was Fall now.

I was going to work on the adorable hat for my expecting friend's baby boy, but after casting on and almost getting done with the rib and trying to insert the brim...I found that working with DPNs for that part are not quite the best option. Trying to insert the brim while picking up stitches isn't very easy when you have needles that don't want to bend, which I was able to tell when I somehow was off in my stitch count when picking up the cast on edge (I know I had the same number off stitches, but when the needles won't move with your fabric it makes it hard to pick up in the right spot).

What did I do? I placed another Knit Picks order of course! I ordered a small fixed circular, since my Options sets don't go smaller than 24". I've also got some beautiful sock yarn coming to make socks for my boyfriend and myself, and sock blockers to make sure that they are picture perfect when completed.

Hopefully my order comes in soon, I can't wait to see the baby hat as an FO. There's just something about tiny clothes that is so adorable!

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