Saturday, October 11, 2008

Once upon a sock...

Once upon a sock, there was a knitter who struggled with some of the basic techniques. Her first ever hand-knitted sock wasn't a disaster, but there was a long vacation of sock knitting after that attempt. Now she has many loved ones that have hinted at wanting a pair of hand-knit socks, so she must be brave and get rid of the monster that stands between her and a finished sock she is happy with.

Ok, I will admit that I'm not a lover of socks for myself (I just have a hard time with that sock-feet feeling) and that could be why sock knitting is becoming a challenge right now. In my latest attempts at sock knitting, I've had to do many froggings and don't even have a finished pair to present to you guys. It can be frustrating at times, so I'm working on just knitting on the socks when I'm in "the zone". Hopefully this new sock knitting schedule will produce some results I can be proud of.

With a majority of my Christmas gift To Knit list being socks, this could be a challenge getting everything completed in time for gift giving...but I'm going to do my best! Maybe visual progress reports of my sock knitting adventures will help me stay for the first visual progress report, I present you with Eugene's comfy brown socks that I casted on last Thursday:

I'm doing a very simple sock pattern and knitting it from the cuff down. I've had issues with getting my kitchener stitch to be absolutely flawless, but I'm so determined to not let a tiny technique get the best of me.

Well, I've got the sock knitting bug at the moment so I better get back to the socks while I'm in "the zone".