Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Well it seems like winter is coming early in my neck of the woods, well sorta. We didn't get inches and inches of snow, just a few flurries here and there that left pretty snowflakes on my car this chilly morning. I know some people are dreading the thought of winter starting so soon, but it was just what I needed to really get back into my Christmas knitting.

Not only am I a knitter, I enjoy video games too. This past week was the release of the new expansion to World of Warcraft (yes, I play that game), so this past weekend was filled with playing video games and seeing some of the new things in the expansion. I even scheduled a day off from work to stay at home and play, but after all the anti-knitting mobile happenings of last week...let's just say I really needed a stay-at-home day.

I was a little worried that my gaming might get in the way of my knitting time, and possibly cause some gifts to not be ready on time. But then yesterday it was freezing outside and there were some snow flurries, and that's just what I needed to get me in the knitting mindset.

After weeks of re-thinking Christmas gifts, I finally have something to make for everyone on my list! I even finished one of my dad's Christmas gifts yesterday, so I'm feeling good about my gift list again. Sorry, there are no pictures quite yet, because I was in such a crafting zone I immediately started another project on the list before taking time to snap some photos. Maybe once I get a few more completed, I'll post another visual progress report.

So here's the list of what I'm making for those hard to craft for guys:
  • Papa Bear - Scarf and Slippers
  • Eugene - Scarf in a neutral color
  • Josh - Link doll and 1-up mushroom mitts
  • Russell - Fingerless gloves
And here's a list of what is on my needles:
  • Knitted Fairy doll (I really need to work on that some more) - 15% complete
  • Lidsville (crocheted) - 5% complete
While I will still be cutting it close with the gifts, this cold weather will definitely get me on the right track. There's nothing better than a pile of yarn keeping you warm on a cold day!

Well, I better get back to work...I've got quite a few projects ahead of me.

P.S. - Sorry that I've been a little scarce recently, with the car problems and trying to get some progress made in knitting, it's been hard to focus on blogging. Once things get back on track I will definitely be posting more regularly, and I hope to get more pictures up of my completed projects.

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