Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not your typical craft

Well, so far in 2009 my knitting/crocheting has been a little limited as I've been working on a few different things this new year. First, I had to work on a gift for my fabulous mother on her birthday (she'll be 60 this Friday, but she doesn't look or act her age), a cute little counted cross-stitch of some adorable tree frogs.

Now I'm helping my dad with his type of crafting, writing. He's a self-published writer who has about 9 or so books already published. Lately he's been having some trouble getting some good, reliable help for proofreading his books. So I decided to support him a little with offering my services, even though English is not my strong suit....I'm a total Math girl!

Other than that, I've finally done a little more work on my sweater I started in the fall of last year. Since I've been rushed lately with my crafting projects because of deadlines, I've decided to take this one slowly and just enjoy the whole knitting process. I should have some pictures to post soon on the progress of my sweater, once I can get a little photography help from my boyfriend.

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