Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to the new home of thru the eyes of a crafter!

With my recent addiction to Top Design, I've been in a "sprucing up" mode that has carried over to my blogging. Unfortunately while attempting to alter my blog on wordpress.com, I discovered some limitations with their blogs which led me to seek a blog home elsewhere (I know, you are thinking "again??!?!?!"). Please be patient with me as I work on getting settled in to my new blogging home, as there might be some quiet times while I work on some things "behind the scenes".

This second "new" start got me thinking about resolutions and changes. Most people wait until New Years to make resolutions for the upcoming year, but why make them only once a year? Weather changes daily. Fashion changes seasonally. And as we have seen recently, the economy changes at a moments' notice. With all these things affecting our lives, we should consider making resolutions more often.

So, what resolutions are you thinking about making?

For me, I'm planning on making resolutions for just about every aspect of my life.
  • Slowly adapt my current lifestyle into a more eco-friendly way of life. Since it takes a little while to make changes a habit, I'm planning on taking baby steps so that I keep heading in the right direction instead of falling flat on my face and going back to my old ways.
  • Discover my own personal style, and do not let anyone influence it. Things are too boring with so many people looking alike, so I hope to make the world more interesting by being the odd duck that I am.
  • Become more self-sufficient. Make my own clothes (reconstruction or from scratch), grow my own herbs, create my own decor for the apartment, etc.
  • Continue learning new crafts and techniques. With new techniques and crafts, I can help introduce more crafts to others and encourage them to get creative.
This is a short list, but I hope to be updating resolutions more often since life throws all sorts of things in our way.

Well, I'm off to work on more "sprucing up"...

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